2-Stroke 100%Synthetic Outboard Marine TEXAS TEA MotorOil Bucket
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Easy cold starting and extended drain intervals. High performance racing oil

Easily dissolves in fuel with ratios as specified by engine manufacturer up to a maximum of 100:1

TEXAS TEA 2 -Stroke Outboard Marine meets or exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications: API/CEC TSC-4(TD) JASO FB (ISO-L-EGB)

Promotes engine efficiency and sustained horsepower while protecting against piston and combustion chamber deposits, rust, and corrosion.

Made in USA.

2-Stroke Outboard Marine - Jet Ski - TEXAS TEA Motor Oil 100% SYNTHETIC - Ashless - Biodegradable is a premium 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke motor oil specially formulated from 100% synthetic base stock oil and combined with high performance additives to provide excellent clean-burning power while protecting vital system parts in 2–Cycle engines.

TEXAS TEA Motor Oil 100% Synthetic 2-Stroke is engineered to ensure outstanding protection for the engine.  Formulated for 2- Stroke Outboard Marine, Jet Skis and other 2-Cycle power sports equipment.

5 Gallon Bucket.

  • Item #: GR-4G6P-35WI2

2-Stroke 100%Synthetic Outboard Marine TEXAS TEA MotorOil Bucket

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