10W-40 100%Synthetic TEXAS TEA MotorOil- SJ JASO MA/MA2 Drum
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Wet clutch compatible. Easy cold starting and extended drain intervals. High performance racing oil.

10W-40 4-Stroke TEXAS TEA Motor Oil meets or exceeds the requirements of the following industry specifications:


Enables engines to maximize performance and power.

Contains no friction modifiers and provides excellent protection for transmissions and wet clutches.

TEXAS TEA Motorcycle Oil 4 Stroke 10W-40 - 100% Synthetic - 6/1 Quart Bottles

Great wear protection and fuel economy benefits.

Superior high- and low- temperature performance.

Increased protection against sludge and harmful deposits.

Made in USA.

It's the best you can buy!

High efficiency 100% synthetic motor oil made to improve your engines performance.

Max oil drain intervals means less oil used!

100% Synthetic TEXAS TEA saves gas, time and money!

55 Gallon Drum.

  • Item #: 2D-DT8A-K2X0

10W-40 100%Synthetic TEXAS TEA MotorOil- SJ JASO MA/MA2 Drum

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